Class 18 meeting Professor Whittingham

Students from Class 18 met Professor Stanley Whittingham in Warsaw on the 21th of November 2022.


Students from Class 18 of MESC+ spending their first semester at Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) had the honor of meeting Professor Stanley Whittingham on 21rst of November 2022. 

Professor Stanley Whittingham was awarded the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 2019 and is the co-founder of lithium-ion technology. 

During a ceremony at WUT University on the 21rst of November 2022, he received a honoris causa doctorate from WUT rector. 

If you want to know more about this here is the link to the article on this event on WUT website :

If you want to see Professor Wittingham's lecture please find below the link to the Youtube video :


Please find below also the link to the Youtube video of Stanley Wittingham's visit :

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