CNRS Gold Medal

French chemist Jean-Marie Tarascon was awarded the CNRS Gold Medal.

This year, the CNRS (National Committee of Scientific Research) Gold Medal is attributed to Mr Jean-Marie Tarascon for his pioneering research in the battery and energy storage fields.

The CNRS Gold Medal was created in 1954, it is one of the most prestigious French awards in science. 

Mr Tarascon has been working with CNRS-associated laboratories for over than 25 years. 

Today, he works as a Professor in Coll├Ęge de France (Paris). 

The CNRS Gold Medal will be awarded on 14th of December 2022 during a ceremony in Paris. 

If you want to know more about the CNRS Gold Medal and Professor Tarascon you can check out the CNRS publications :


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