IBA 2022 Conference Meeting

International Battery Association International Conference held in Bled, Slovenia from 2nd to 7th of October 2022.

The IBA 2022 International Conference is held from 2nd to 7th of October 2022 in the Rikli Balance Hotel in Bled, Slovenia organized by the IBA Chair Professor Robert Dominko. 

The program on the conference includes presentations from Mathieu Morcrette and Professor Christian Masquelier from LRCS and gathers around 200 people. It also includes the awarding of the IBA 2022 awards. 

For more information about this eve, you can go on the website : https://www.iba2022.org

This event is also a good way to keep in touch with MESC alumni !

Professor Christian Masquelier with Montse Casas Cabanas from CIC EnergiGUNE and Rongying Lin MESC+ alumni from Class 3 at the IBA 2022 Conference in October, 2022. 

Professor Masquelier with Violetta Arselewska and Joel Jr CabaƱero MESC+ alumni from Class 10 during the IBA 2022 Conference in October, 2022. 

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