Ljubljana and Amiens in TOP 20 Ranking Best European Destinations 2022

Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia got the first place of the ranking and Amiens was placed third. Both cities are part of the mobility of the third semester of the MESC+ program.


Amiens and Ljubljana were voted in the top 20 destinations out of 40. 

More than half a million of travellers from 182 countries around the world have voted to select the European Best Destinations for 2022. 

Here is the ranking : 

1 - Ljublajana, Slovenia 

2- Marbella, Spain 

3- Amiens, France 

4- Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

5 - Leuven, Belgium

6 - Oradea, Romania

7- London, United Kingdom

8- Nijmegen, Netherlands 

9- Lahti Region, Finald 

10- Istanbul, Turkey 

If you want to find out the rest of the ranking, plan your neext trip go see the Best European Destinations website :



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