Patrice Simon

Patrice Simon, University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, is one of the world's most influential researcher. He enters the Académie des Sciences.

With 43,802 quotations for 211 papers, Patrice Simon, professor of material science at the University of Toulouse III, in CNRS and in MESC+ Consortium is considered as one of the most influential researchers in the world by Highly Cited Researchers.

The prestigious institution has elected “academician for life” Patrice Simon, deputy director of Research network on electrochemical energy storage, Research center on batteries and supercapacitors (RS2E).

In 2020, 18 new members will join the Académie des sciences, a venerable institution founded in 1666 (link is external) by Colbert, one of the main ministers of King Louis XIV. Among the new entrants is Patrice Simon, deputy director of RS2E, will be part of the “Chemical, biologic and medical sciences, and their applications” division, section of chemistry.

Those results will soon be ratified by official decree of the President of the French Republic. The reception ceremony for the new members will take place on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, under the Dome of the Institute of France. (In French)

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