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IMPORTANT: Applications for class 19 are closed.

Please read all the information below before starting your application.

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Documents to be provided for your application

  • A copy of your passport or ID card 

If your passport or id card is expired and you have not received the new one, please upload a copy of the expired one and you will update it later, once you receive the valid one.

  • A proof of address with your name

Valid document : a bill (e.g. electricity, gaz, phone, water consumption), tax payer document, bank account statement or home insurance.

Not valid : ID papers, random letter with your name, voter card.

  • A certificate of English proficiency 

It can be a language certificate or a certificate from your university stating that your medium of instruction is English. The certificate must have been issued less than 2 years before the application deadline.

  • Your high school diploma
  • Transcripts of records and diplomas

We need certified copies (with the stamp of the university) of these documents and they must be translated into English by a sworn translator

  • 2 recommendation letters

There is no imposed template.

They can come from academics or employers, but it is better if they are written by professors. You must upload the letters from your referees on their behalf but if they do not want to send them to you, they can send them directly to us by email (julie.bodelu[at] and jamila.tamimy[at] In this case, please attach on your form a pdf indicating that your referees send us the letters by email, as this is a mandatory section.

You cannot write your own letter of recommendation for yourself. 

  • A medical certificate only if you have special needs due to any kind of disability
  • Your Curriculum Vitae

Please note that:

1) You MUST save and submit your application every time you bring an update. If you do not submit it after saving your updates, your application will be moved to the list of pending applications and will no longer be eligible for evaluation.

2) The completeness of the application is the first eligibility criterion so be careful when you apply and attach the documents.

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The application form for Class 19 is now closed.

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When you apply for joining MESC+, you apply automatically for  an industrial scholarship granted by our associated partners (ALISTORE-ERI, CIC ENERGIGUNE, RS2E, UMICORE, etc...).

These fellowships will be awarded to the best ranked applicants.

Every year, we do our best to propose a funding to each selected student but we cannot guarantee it. If we select you without any allocation, you are invited to join us by self-financing your studies.

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